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Electrical consulting engineers


Coordination with the owner and architect are vital in achieving the desired look and feeling of each project. Detailed coordination with the design team will provide energy savings and maximized efficiencies through the use of automated controls and by using the latest in energy-wise lighting products.

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From initial design to project completion, we ensure the client's desired schedule is adhered to while maintaining the construction standards and building codes of the industry. Field reviews will report the various stages of construction up until the doors open to the public.

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We’ve had the pleasure of working with individuals and industry leading businesses to help define and fulfill their design objectives and in doing so have managed to earn the reputation as one of the best electrical consultancies in British Columbia.

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Electrical Engineering

Opal Engineering Inc is an Electrical Engineering firm with extensive experience in the design and construction of commercial, residential, institutional and industrial projects. We provide the design of lighting, power and communication systems with contract administration through to the completion of project.

Please feel free to contact Opal if you would like to inquire about our full range of services.

Design Philosophy
Systems are designed to maximize efficiencies and minimize maintenance while remaining cost effective. During the initial design consultations Opal Engineering will work with the owner and architect to achieve the most suitable design for the project. Design will continue with detailed coordination with interior designers, landscape, structural, civil and mechanical engineers. Energy savings are accomplished by providing effective lighting design which minimizes the total watts per square foot of the project and make the project suitable for utility rebates. Efficiencies are further improved by providing automated lighting controls using sensors and timers. Every project is peer reviewed prior to being issued for tender, ensuring that the information provided within the drawings and specifications meets design intent and applicable codes and standards.

Project Management
Opal Engineering will follow the project through the construction process, working with the construction team to ensure that schedules are met and adjustments are made in a reasonable fashion to suit site conditions and owner expectations.

Construction field reviews will be completed at the rough-in, substantial and occupancy stages of construction. Additional reviews will be provided as noted in the fee proposal. Each field review will be complete with a report to make the construction team and designers aware of current status as well as any issues that need to be addressed. All additional electrical costs put forward will be assessed by Opal to ensure that values are reasonable for the labour and materials required to complete the task.

About Us
Established in 2012, Opal Engineering Inc offers professional consultation for building electrical systems. The firm provides in excess of 30 years of electrical design experience with new buildings, expansions and renovations. With two engineers and senior designers/CAD technicians, we have the skills to meet your needs.

We specialize in building power distribution, lighting, communications, life safety designs, site assessment and due diligence reviews. Our experience includes commercial, institutional, manufacturing, residential, healthcare, education and other LEED and utility rebate projects.

OPAL provides a competitive fee followed up with coordinated design services that meet project schedule for systems that fit within the project budget.